Drag and Drop Form Builder

Increase Agility - From idea to execution in minutes. With a simple, user friendly interface, your teams can adapt to changes quickly, and create forms and workflows in minutes, without the need for technical support.

Pre-Built Industry Standard Forms and Certificates

Take advantage of over 100 pre-built industry standard forms and certificates. Create a full range of stunning Electrical, Gas, Oil, Fire, Renewable Energy, Solid Fuel and Biomass, Plumbing and many more Certificates and Records on pixel perfect PDFs.

Offline Data Collection

Collect Data On Site, With or Without Connectivity.
Data is stored on your device and synced when it’s
re-connected to the network.

Task Management

By customising workflows with Workflow Builder, depending on the outcomes of the inspections, if an issue is raised, you can automatically generate an Action Plan and Assign Tasks to responsible teams. An alert will be sent to users and their task will appear on their task list for them to complete.

User Permissions

Manage teams and roles with user permissions and groups. Give management more control on collected data. Give your teams only the access they need. Control who can see what on the system.

Parent - Child Records

With “Parent-Child” data organisation, you can easily link information, such as Locations to Teams or Customers, Teams to Managers, Managers to Regional, Area or District Managers.

Auto Transfer

With auto transfer, pass forms from one user to another for signatures, reviews or approvals.

Job Dispatching

Send partially-filled forms to field users for data collection and completion.

Access Data Anywhere

Your field team will always have the right forms at the right time, online or offline. Your management team can reach everything they need, even if they are not in the office, via our web portal.

Secure Cloud Storage

No Need for filing cabinets, systems or storage spaces for paper records. Get instant access to your history data without spending hours on manual search. Save hours in administration time.

Code Module

Transform and translate data as part of your workflow with code modules within the workflow builder. This feature gives extra flexibly to get data in the exact format required before sending or integrating to external systems.

Secure Database and Backups

Your data is protected with bank level encryption. We can restore data to any second in the last 2 weeks or to any day prior to this.

Use on Multiple Devices

Apps can be used on 3 devices per user. Can be used on iPads, iPhones, Android phones or Android tablets.

Multiple Platforms

Can be used on any iOS, Android, PC or Mac Devices.

Unlimited UK Support

Unlimited UK based phone and email support.